North Balga Primary School

At North Balga Primary School, our students are exposed to a variety of engaging opportunities to develop and apply their reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills.

Teachers and Education Assistants are trained to teach evidence-based programs such as Talk4Writing, Sounds Write, Spelling Mastery and MiniLit. These programs provide our students with the fundamental literacy skills required to be successful in the English language. Our Kindergarten to Year 2 students develop their speaking and listening skills through our Oral Language Program which was created by school staff. 



The Talk4Writing approach allows students to read and write independently by developing students understanding of a variety of texts and their structures. Students internalise the language structures that need to be learnt through shared and guided teaching. 


Sounds Write (Pre-Primary to Year 2) 

Is a highly structured synthetic phonics program, that incorporates a multisensory approach to learning and understanding the code of the English Language. Students at North Balga Primary School learn to blend, segment and manipulate phonemes, which are all critical components to learning to read and write. 


Spelling Mastery (Year 3 to Year 6) 

Spelling Mastery incorporates three approaches according to a student’s skill development: Phonemic approach, Morphemic Approach and Whole-word Approach. These three approaches are interweaved through Direct Explicit Instruction to help efficiently and effectively teach the spelling skills our students need to become proficient readers and writers.



MiniLit is a Tier 2 small group program used for intervention for students who require extra assistance to learn the skills for Reading and Writing.




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