Teaching & Learning

North Balga Primary School

The curriculum that we use at North Balga Primary School is the West Australian Curriculum which clearly articulates the skills needed for children to become successful learners, helps to prepare them for life in Australia and empowers them to achieve success in the future.

Our aim, to provide a dynamic and innovative curriculum that challenges, excites and inspires children to become successful and confident learners, and achieve their best, is the main driving force behind how we design and deliver our curriculum.

The Western Australian Curriculum comprises:

  • The Early Years Learning Framework
  • Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines
  • Pre-primary to Year 10 Curriculum

Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting

Assessment is an on-going process of gathering evidence to determine what each student knows, understands, and can do so as to inform teaching and support learning of the intended curriculum.

Reporting to parents includes an information evening, a three way teacher, parent and student interview and two formal reports annually.




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